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December 2009 International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security   vol.9, No.12, 2009
"Amplification of the Multi-Wavelength Signal by Using EDFA with Constant Gain"
  Download paper from IJCSNS

June 2009 Journal of Optical Communications   vol.2, 2009
"Reduction of the Signal Nonlinear Distortion in CATV Systems applying Dual Mach-Zehnder Modulators"
 View paper in JOC                                               Download English Version

June 2009 ICEST 2009   Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
"EDFA Application in WDM CATV Systems"
 Download English Version

October 2008 TELECOM 2008   Varna, Bulgaria
"Optimizing the parameters of the amplifiers used in the optical channel of CATV systems"
Download Bulgarian Version

June 2008 ICEST 2008   Nish, Serbia
"Improvement of the Optical Channel Noise Characteristics Using Distributed Raman Amplifiers"
Download English Version

June 2008 Journal E+E   vol.5-6, 2008
"Improvement the Dynamic Range of the Signals, Transmitted over the Optical Channel Using an External Mach-Zehnder Modulator"
Download Bulgarian Version

February 2008 Journal E+E   vol.1-2, 2008
"Nonlinear distortions of the signals in broadband cable communication systems using conventional Mach-Zehnder modulator"
Download Bulgarian Version

September 2006 ELECTRONICS 2006   Sozopol, Bulgaria
"Research of the characteristics of an optical channel of HFC CATV systems"
 Download Bulgarian Version

June 2006 ICEST 2006   Sofia, Bulgaria
"Analysis of the reasons for limiting the dynamic range of the signals in CATV systems"
 Download Bulgarian Version

April 2001 40 Years Human in Space   Dolna Mitropolia, Bulgaria
"Integrate Global Position System and Air Speed System"
 Download Bulgarian Version

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